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649 Fourth Line, Unit3, Oakville, ON L6L 5B3

649 Fourth Line, Unit3, Oakville, ON L6L 5B3

Fresh  Healthy  Delicious

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From the Grill

(All Ontario Grade AAA Meat)


    • Koobideh
      Two skewers of lean ground Beef seasoned with onion, spices 13.99
    • Jojeh Kabab
      Saffron marinated lean seasoned chicken
      Chicken Thigh 16.99
      Chicken Breast 17.99
    • Vaziri
      One skewer each of Beef Koobideh and Jojeh chicken thigh 18.99
    • Bareh Kabab
      One skewer of marinated lamb 18.99
    • Barg
      One skewer of marinated thinly sliced Beef tenderloin 21.99
    • Sultani
      One skewer each of beef Koobideh, one skewer of Barg tenderloin 25.99
    • Zagros Kabab
      One skewer of Barg tenderloin, one skewer of chicken thigh27.99
Served with two sides & Grilled tomatoes